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about myself

I am 50 years old and live together with my husband Jakob in Vejlby in the northern part of Århus (the capital of Jutland). Professionally, I work as an Associate Professor of Classical Philology at Aarhus University, Department og Culture and Society. My first name is pronounced in English, but my last name in Danish (i.e. ['dʒɒ:dʒ 'heŋə]) – it is not a matter of affectation, but a complicated fact that reflects my no less complicated family history.

Besides my passion for language, I am also interested in theology, philosophy and politics, if one dare believe that these three horses may be joined under one and the same yoke. Therefore I have a (sometimes well-founded, but always well-argued) opinion about most things: I am a Social Democrat, but I do not think that there is any opposition between ideology and pragmatism. I am a Christian, but I do not think that a liberal world view is in any contradiction with God. Yet, if one dare write Truth with a capital letter, one should not a full stop, but a colon after the word.

my research

My current research focus on the relationship between language history and identity and the description of it in modern scholarship. Having completed my PhD thesis on the dialect of the Spartan lyric poet Alcman, I studied Herodotus’ description of the Scythians, and later, I was occupied with a rhetorical-linguistic analysis of Roman epistolography.